Rishi Sunak has most recently announced a £4.6billion financial support package for struggling UK companies a day after the government imposed its toughest Covid-19 restrictions since last spring putting the country back into lockdown. The chancellor said the Treasury would provide £4billion of one-off “top-up grants” for an estimated 600,000 retail, hospitality and leisure companies (only), which can each claim up to £9,000. There will also be a new £594m discretionary fund made available for councils to support other businesses that are not eligible for those grants but are affected by the restrictions, if there are any queries on whether you feel you may be entitled HMRC’s website has a series of questions you can answer to find out if you are eligible . Yet business leaders are increasingly concerned that some support measures will be withdrawn in the spring as more people are vaccinated, leaving some industries in dire straits. The British government has introduced a swath of unprecedented support measures since last March, including several major loan schemes and a “furlough” job support scheme — but the latter is set to be wound up at the end of April. Business executives have questioned why Mr Sunak has not been more visible as the health situation has deteriorated, and said that support measures were falling far short of what was needed to save hundreds of thousands of companies before the spring.

If you are unsure of what financial support you may be entitled to from the government and local council please click the link and answer the questions where you will be given a list of grants and schemes you may be entitled to.

Find coronavirus financial support for your business – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)